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Ontario - Bookings 905-687-4553


Upcoming Events:​​

SAT 8/1   Private event - St. Davids

SAT 8/8  B-Jays 6-10pm - Chippawa

SAT 8/15  Private event - N-O-T-L

SAT 9/12  Private event - N-O-T-L

KCDX Phoenix Classic Rock

Turntable and vinyl days are relived on this commercial-free deep cuts classic rock station.

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ROCK and TALK North America

Weekend Sports Report​​

Hear Packer Dave from Wisconsin,  John Poulter in Toronto, Steve Leventhal in Chicago, and Jeff Rich from Cleveland talk Great Lakes region college and pro sports each week. New shows are posted Friday mornings.

Today's Homeowner

Home Improvement USA

Experts offer advice on these two

home improvement radio shows.

The Niagara Trophy Husbands are:

Les Barrett - lead and background vocals

Kevin Davis - harp, percussion, vocals

George Ennes - rhythm guitar

Al Evalds - bass

​Rod Joanisse - keyboards, vocals

Marvin Rennette - lead guitar

Dave Rusch - drums, vocals